Monday, 2 January 2017

Teacher's Day

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“Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.” Sept 5th the birthday of Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a visionary, an academic philosopher and India’s second President is celebrated throughout the nation as Teachers day.
 Not only a day to remember our teachers and say ‘Thank you’ but also pay tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who decided to observe his birthday as
Teachers day.
On this special occasion the students of our school organized various cultural programmes and games for the teachers and also shouldered the responsibility of their teachers for that day.
The day was dedicated to the entire teaching staff  who play a very prominent role in the life of their students.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami Lord Krishna’s birthday also known as Krishnashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the students of BGS Public School.
Children of Pre-Primary came dressed in, as Krishna and Radha. The little Krishna and Radha looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire place was transformed into a land of joy, celebrations and happiness. The festivities frolicked with the breaking of Dahi Handi. It was a memorable day for one and all.Krishna Janmashtami Lord Krishna’s birthday also known as Krishnashtami is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Janmashtami festival was celebrated with great zeal and pomp by the students of BGS Public School.
Children of Pre-Primary came dressed in, as Krishna and Radha. The little Krishna and Radha looked adorable in their traditional costumes and the entire place was transformed into a land of joy, celebrations and happiness. The festivities frolicked with the breaking of Dahi Handi. It was a memorable day for one and all.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Sanskrit Diwas

Sanskrit Diwas was celebrated at BGSPS  Kengeri, Banagalore  on 19th August 2016. The programme began with a welcome speech in Sanskrit delivered by the student of class IX. Which was followed by devotional Sanskrit invocation song sung by the students of class V.
A speech on the importance of Sanskrit and the history of the ancient Sanskrit language and its modern usage, also being the mother language of many other Indian and foreign languages was the highlight of the programme which caught the attention of the audience.
Many cultural programmes like group song sung by the students of class V, glorifying the history of Sanskrit, was a melody treat. Simple sentences for instant learning of Sanskrit language was enlightening for all.
Bhagavadgeetha recitation with its meaning, added more value to the programme. A traditional dance performance to the tunes of a Sanskrit song, cheered the audience.
A quick test of knowledge in Sanskrit language and learning in the form of quiz was the brain teaser.
The values and morals of ancient culture and duty of upcoming citizens in preserving our golden heritage was conveyed through an effective skit in Sanskrit language by the students of class VIII and IX.
The day’s events concluded successfully leaving everyone with a thirst for learning more about the language.       

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Independence Day

Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our souls.

 The school as a family saluted the nation on this day.
The Principal unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the National Anthem and expressed their responsibility as dutiful citizens of the country.
The students shared their views on the significance of the day and patriotic songs were sung.
A documentary on freedom struggle was the highlight of the programme.
Students performed a skit on untouchability, to show how Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar struggled to eradicate social stigma prevailing in the society.
The programme concluded with the National song Vandemataram.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Guru Purnima

As you walk with the Guru, you walk in the light of existence, away from the darkness of ignorance. You leave behind all the problems of your life and move towards the peak experiences of life.
Being devoted to guru on this holy and auspicious day we celebrated “GURU PURNIMA” by the “Grace of the GURU and founder of our school parama pujya, padmabhushana, Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji, by offering pooja followed by the sacred chants of Mantra, lighting the lamp and flowers tribute to Bhairavaikya Mahaswamiji.
Various Bhajans, songs, dance and the importance of the day were sung and told by the students and teachers.
Dhyaana moolam guros murtih;
Pooja moolam guros padam;
Mantra moolam guros vakyam;
Moksha moolam guros kripa;

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Investiture Ceremony

BGS Public School held a formal ceremony on July 4th, 2016 to induct the newly elected leaders and conferred authority and responsibilities.
The school choir and musicians got off to ceremonial start with the invocation song. The principal presented an insightful speech to welcome the gathering. The program continued to emphasize the importance of the school’s student council and to impress upon our young leaders the weight of responsibility they carry.
The entire Senate marched slowly carrying the school flag and the Flags of the four houses. It was then tailed by enthroning the School Head Boy- Anirudh Satheesh and Head Girl – Diksha Chakravarty. We also ordained the Asst. Head Boy and the Head Girl, Sports Captain and Vice Captains, Cultural coordinators, the Captains and vice captains of the four houses. The guest of the day Mrs. Kamal Deep Peter pinned the badges. The elected members took a solemn oath of discharging their duties with diligence and loyalty. Various Clubs were inaugurated by the guest of the day.

The ceremony ended by congratulating the newly appointed council members which was followed by vote of thanks and National Anthem.

Friday, 1 July 2016

World Music Day

“Music is the universal language of Mankind.”
“Where words fail music speaks.”
World Music Day was celebrated in our school with the significance of the music day by the students. Various musical instruments like Flute, Violin, Tabla and Harmonium were played by the students including Hindustani Vocal.
Music Day would be nothing without music and although all events that are part of music day provided a great opportunity for budding musicians of all ages, amateur or professional. Music can change the world because it can change people.

International Yoga Day

“Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition”. It embodies unity of mind and body, a holistic approach to health and well – being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with ourself.

On 21st June 2016 International Yoga Day was eulogized at BGSPS with great harmony.

Students from class IV to X showcased their talent by demonstrating different asanas. This performance encouraged all the students and staff members about the importance of yoga and created an awareness to implement yoga in our daily life.

Thursday, 9 June 2016


Every year world environment day is celebrated in the school on June 5th to create the awareness to save preserve and protect the environment.
Students received saplings from the school to take home to Nurture Nature for a better future.  The school reverberated with the slogans :
“Start today Save tomorrow”
“Clean up our Climate “
“Clean up the World “
“Let the peace of Nature flow in your life on world environment day and always”.
The day ended with a note “A beautiful world starts with you, save paper, save trees, save the planet.”


World No Tobacco Day is observed across the globe on May 31 every year. It is aimed at encouraging people to abstain from consuming tobacco for 24 hours and also for raising awareness about the hazardous effects of tobacco consumption on a person's health and well-being. At BGS Public School the staff and students took part in a rally to create awareness in the neighbouring areas.Students carried slogans like “ Quit tobacco, live longer”, “Down Down Cigarattes”, etc. Students made posters and displayed it during the rally which received lot of appreciation from the general crowd. The day was successfully completed with all of them taking a pledge to stay away from tobacco.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Graduation Day

The graduation ceremony was an orchestrated process involving a march of students with his holiness Pujya Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, Managing director of BGS Group of institutions Sri Sri Prakashnatha Swamiji and Chief Guest Shri E S Chakravarthy Central Head of TCS. The auspicious day started with invocation song on Goddess Saraswathi by the students followed by welcome speech.
Lighting the lamp signifying “awakening the Aatmajyothi” was lit by Mahaswamiji, Swamiji and all the dignitaries. Dance is a form through which one can spread the message of education and knowledge was showcased by the bstudents to the audience.

The chiest guest addressed the graduands and inspired them with his speech. The graduation ceremony continued with “Jyothirdana” passing the lamp of knowledge by the teachers to the wards. Pledge was administered to the students and they shared their wonderful experience, emotions and feelings in their journey of school life. Mahaswamiji blessed the students with souvenir and ashirvachana. The students as well as the parents who look on with a sense of achievement made the day an indelible one.

Talents day

It’s celebrate your Unique Talent Day! Everyone has a unique talent or skill at which they truly excel. With the motto to unfold varied talents, abilities, interest buried deep within each students and blossom to the optimum level school had organized “Talents day”. Overall thirteen events were held at different rooms and floors.

The day was kick started with a solo dancing, solo singing and mimicry. The students lit fire on the stage in these events. The audience and staff members were stunned to see the hidden talents of the students.
Students from sixth to eleventh standard were experimenting and enjoying the day in hairstyling, nail art decoration, Mehandi and Tattoo making on their friends and Teachers. Enthusiastic students were eager to show their expertise in Kundan art and canvas painting also. Sudoku and computer games were the two events in which everyone wanted to try their hands. It was a day of fun and frolic for every participant and staff members, which has concluded with mesmerizing instrumental music.
The students of BGS Public School have proved that “Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see”.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Kannada Rajyotsava

Rajyotsava day was celebrated with great joy and vigour in the school premises. The entire school wore a festive look on this day as the red and yellow Kannada flags were hoisted at different strategic locations. The principal inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. “Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate” the State anthem was sung. “Important historical places of Karnataka” documentary was showcased which had thrilled the audience.  “VEERA VANITE CHANNAMMA” drama was enacted by the students of fourth standard was really heart touching. Recalling all the great kannada freedom fighters and poets on this occasion, students pledged to respect and take care of their motherland. 
Significance of the day was narrated beautifully to respect and take care of their motherland.The breath taking dance on the “Barisu Kannada Dimdimava” song was mesmerizing. Rajyotsava day was an occasion to imbide the values of patriotism among the students for which they responded wholeheartedly. 

Deepavali Celebrations

Deepavali celebrations started with the lighting of the traditional diyas. The school had organized a diya making competition for the students. The students decorated the diyas and the best ones were awarded the prizes. The students were enlightened about the story behind the celebration of Deepavali and also enacted a skit on “Ecofriendly Deepavali”. They went home with the pledge to celebrate Deepavali in a green way. Overall it was a day filled with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

On the eve of the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas the birth of Sardar Valla Bhai Patel ‘Saluting the Iron Man and the Architect of Modern India, the school has organized a rally ‘run for unity’. On this occasion Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge was administered by the school captain Master Mohit to the enthusiastic students. Speaking on the occasion the vice-captain Amisha mentioned that “Sardar Patel’s life is a journey of deep- rooted courage, dedication and service to the Motherland. He is truly the architect of Modern India”. The Principal flagged off the rally which started from the school premises. Students and Teachers took part in it with great zest.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dussehra Celebration

The festival of Dasara was celebrated with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm. Festivity had started with a melodious song on goddess sharada by the VII Std students.Doll exhibition was inaugurated by lighting the traditional brass lamp .Students spoke on the significance of Dasara. The dance troupes mesmerized the audience with their scintillating performances based on the theme of festivity.To create awareness about our rich heritage and culture of Mysore Dasara celebration a power point presentation was showcased by the technical committee. The students imbibed the message “Good always wins over Evil“ through various programmes.

Gandhi Jayanthi

Gandhiji was one of the few men in the history  to fight simultaneously on moral, religious, political, social, economic and cultural front. The essence of Gandhi Jayanti celebrated in the school with a number of activities very closely linked with Gandhiji and his beliefs.
The special assembly kick started with offering flowers to Gandhiji’s portrait by the Principal and teachers. Bapu’s favourite Bhajan “Vaishnava Janato” was rendered by the VII and VIII Std students. A class X student narrated about Bapu’s struggle in getting freedom and concluded with his message of “My life is my message “  and  “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.The students of class VI and VII enlightened the gathered audience by sharing various thoughts related with positive thinking, homeschooling, humanity and many more.The students watched the play “ Nannannu Kshamisi “ a real life story of Gandhiji with rapt attention and felt like they were also a part of Gandhiji’s life.Finally the programme was concluded with a vote of thanks and the entire school seemed to feel the essence of Gandhiji’s presence.

Ganesha Fest

This festival is celebrated to mark the advent of the master of all knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, Lord Ganesha. BGS Public school always had a sincere concern for fast degrading environment caused by air and water pollution. So the school students and faculty made an ecofriendly 8 feet Ganesha Idol using only natural colours in 6 hours. The primary section also took initiative to prove their artistic skill and made the Idols with leaf, Vegetables and non-toxic clay.
Pooja of Lord Ganesha was performed. Students charted shlokas and later entertained the audience with the mesmerizing dance drama and song.The festivity came to an end by the immersion of Lord Ganesha’s Idol in the school pond with the hope to see him next year.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas was celebrated in the school by organizing a special assembly with lots of recreational activities. Some of the highlighting activities on this day were students lead the school with pledge and thoughts in Hindi.Significance of the day enlightened the crowd “How constituent assembly of India adopted Hindi written in Devanagiri script as the official language of the union.”Students propagated the language through ‘Raheem Ke Dohey’ dance on ‘aisa desh hai mera’ and song. Drama based on Swachch Bharat was an eye opener for everyone. The day was full of feasts, events and competitions. Various prizes were distributed by the Principal to encourage students to take more positive perceptions about Hindi language.

Onam Celebration

Onam is celebrated worldwide with great pomp and show by malayalis. Beautiful onam pookalam designs can be seen for 10 days in every house. Varieties of flowers in different colours are used to create beautiful pookalam designs. All the onam pookalam designs are unique and beautiful. To celebrate the occasion at BGSPS a floral display competition was held for the students of classes V to XI. Students participated in large numbers and created beautiful motiffs using flowers to commemorate the occasion.

KG Fruits Day

As a part of their learning activity Kindergarten students of BGS Public School celebrated Fruits Day with fun and gaiety. They had different head bands of fruits and enjoyed the game of bombing the fruit. Overall it was an enjoyable day for Kindergarten.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

We at BGS Public School celebrated Krishna Janmashtami in the colourful way. Toddlers came in dressed as Krishna/Radha. The programme included Shloka chanting by Nursery, Group dance by Primary and highschool students. The highlight of the programme was the traditional breaking of the pot which was cheered by all.

Teachers Day

A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others. Teachers’ day was celebrated in a different way in our school by welcoming each and individual teacher. There was lighting of the lamp by the teachers and principal by offering pranams & flowers to the great teacher  Sarvapalli Radha Krishna. Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow happy forever! Children showed their gratitude & love to all the teachers by making them to play some games & winners were awarded. It was an enjoyable day for all the teachers.

A very happy Teachers Day to all the teachers in the world from BGS Public School family.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

World Photography Day

The World Photography Day was celebrated at ​BGS Public School on 20th August 2015.​ The young and budding photographers of the photography club enthralled the audience by showing the techniques involved in taking a good photograph. The components in a camera and their functioning kept the audience spell bound. Enthusiasts who wanted to take up photography as a hobby enjoyed trying their hands at it. Overall it was an enjoyable day for all.

Sanskrit Diwas

The celebration of Sanskrit day provided a medium stimulating the interest in the language and also increased the awareness about the importance of Sanskrit as a language. That day also gave an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity by taking part in various competitions.
Shloka and poetry recitation in Sanskrit were the highlights of the day.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Independence Day

Saturday, August 15th, 2015, Independence Day was celebrated in a mood of joy and happiness no rituals, just festivities. The scouts band led the guest of honour to hoist the flag.

Even though India celebrated 69 years of Independence from the colonial rule students brought back the memory of freedom struggle by performing drama on swadeshi movement and Dandi march. Students passionately spoke about the freedom fighters and dance was performed on the national song ‘Vande Mataram’. 

Exhibition was organized to depict the lives and teachings of the sons of the soil, who sacrificed their life for freedom. A large number of parents, students and staff participated and witnessed the grand ceremony.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Guru Poornima

At BGS Public School, students offered  prayers to the founder Bhairavaikya Jagadguru Padmabhushana Sri Sri Sri Dr.Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji. Sri Balagangadharanatha  Mahaswamiji born on 18th January 1945 was an Indian religious leader who was the seer of Sri Adichunchanagiri,  Nagamangala Taluk, Mandya district. He was awarded Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian honour for the year 2010. Swamiji completed his graduation in Science from Government Arts & Science College, Bengaluru. Motivated by the desire to serve God and the people, he chose the spiritual way of life.

The Interhouse Kho Kho competition

The Interhouse Kho Kho competition was held on Wednesday, 22nd July,2015. There are four houses: Sharavathi, Tunga, Kaveri and Bhadra. In the boys category -  Sharavathi House emerged as winner and in Girls category also Sharavathi House bagged the trophy. The Runners are Bhadra House in the boys category and Tunga House in the Girls category. Congratulations to all the winners.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony at BGS Public School, Kengeri was held on Monday, 13th July, 2015 to inculcate the qualities of leadership, discipline and service. During the ceremony the leaders of the perfectual board and student council pledged to uphold the name of the institution and motto “Service to Mankind is Service to god”. The prayer song was followed by the lighting of the traditional lamp by the guests – His holiness Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Mutt, Sri Sri Prakashnath Swamiji Managing Director of BGS group of Institutions and other dignitaries.Cultural Programme included a classical fusion dance and Sarvadharma prayer. A documentary on “Democratic way of election in school” was showcased.In order to provide holistic education various clubs like, Science club, Literary club, Cyber club, Dance and Music club, Photography clubs were inaugurated.Mahaswamiji in his Ashirvachana highlighted inculcating spirituality among students who inturn will be a great assets to the society.

World Music Day

World Music Day was celebrated in BGS Public School, Kengeri on 22nd June 2015. It gave an opportunity for amateurs to commune and share a special bond through music. The concert began with the Carnatic music and concluded with western music by the talented students. The message was very clear that music has the power to heal, connect and inspire.

World Yoga Day

"Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. International Yoga Day was celebrated at school with a sense of oneness. On this day everyone took a pledge to work towards creating consciousness by adopting a holistic approach to health and well-being. The programme began with a salutation to sun god, after which the students performed different asana. The Yoga Instructor contributed significantly by writing a book ‘Suryanamaskara’ which was released on this occasion by the Principal.

World Environment Day 2015

World Environment Day was celebrated on Friday, 5th June 2015. The students of BGS Public School presented a dance drama depicting an interrelationship between man and nature. They gave the message to save and conserve environment. The effects of depleting flora and fauna in the environment were also highlighted during the programme. The students also took a pledge on that day to save natural resources and thus protect the environment.

World No Tobacco Day 2015

BGS Public School Kengeri observed “World No Tobacco Day” on Monday, 1st June 2015. World No Tobacco Day was intended to encourage an abstinence from all forms of Tobacco. It is celebrated every year on 31st May. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Std. 10. The Programme began with a speech which gave the introduction on World No Tobacco Day, stressing the need for “Tobacco  free world”. The skit which was performed by the students highlighted the consequences of using tobacco. Badges of No Tobacco Day were distributed to the students, staff and drivers to spread the message. The programme concluded with vote of thanks. The students and staff enjoyed being part of the celebration for a noble cause and took a pledge to make the place free of tobacco.