Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Guru Purnima

As you walk with the Guru, you walk in the light of existence, away from the darkness of ignorance. You leave behind all the problems of your life and move towards the peak experiences of life.
Being devoted to guru on this holy and auspicious day we celebrated “GURU PURNIMA” by the “Grace of the GURU and founder of our school parama pujya, padmabhushana, Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji, by offering pooja followed by the sacred chants of Mantra, lighting the lamp and flowers tribute to Bhairavaikya Mahaswamiji.
Various Bhajans, songs, dance and the importance of the day were sung and told by the students and teachers.
Dhyaana moolam guros murtih;
Pooja moolam guros padam;
Mantra moolam guros vakyam;
Moksha moolam guros kripa;

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